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I was able to get a half of an exceedingly powerful pressure of psilocybin mushroom known as penis envy mushroom. Which I turned into sweets that I coined “Mayan Gold” because of the gold foiled I wrapped them in. Mayan Gold contains 2 grams in each chocolate (eightyraw organic cacao bar).
I have executed DMT, Salvia, LSD and psilocybin mushrooms before but none of these stories even got here close to this one on Penis Envy mushrooms.

The Penis Envy pressure of magic mushrooms are recognized being on the list of strongest and tough hitting. Hope deep shamanic encounters, eyesight quests and an rigorous mystical encounter. Not encouraged for initial time end users. This pressure is Unique and assume a transformative experience. Penis Envy is The most exceptional and popular Psilocybe Cubensis among hardcore psychonauts. Its identify describes it’s Bodily kind; thick shaft plus a bulbous head that doesn’t pretty spread vast open. Magic mushrooms get their psychedelic results from psilocybin, their Lively component. These amazing fungi are identified generally for the euphoric thoughts and psychedelic encounters they could instil.

Under extreme warmth magic mushrooms shed their potency. Baking mushrooms along with a pizza, such as would end in reduced results. Test adding magic mushrooms to sauces or toppings after the cooking is comprehensive. The Penis Envy Cubensis isn’t shy about its numerous virtues. For shamanic journeys, vision quests and deeply mystical ordeals, you will find couple strains that arrive near this a single. It offers a deeply trans-formative working experience that is unquestionably.

Psilocybin Edibles – penis envy mushroom is often extra to pretty much any meals. The trick is regardless of what your recipe might be, stay clear of including the mushrooms for the duration of any cooking phase. Also our most recent strain unveiled, Albino Penis Envy Reverted cubensis is a grandchild of your Penis Envy and we have been recommending all our buyer transfer to this new pressure. The Penis Envy is starting to become An increasing number of unstable through the years and contaminates also effortlessly so we had JakeonCid create us a better strain.


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