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buy spore syringe, spore syringe for sale, spore syringe canada, spore syringe for sale, spore syringe usa, spore syringe online. 1 spore syringe contains several millions of spores, dissolved in 10 ml of sterile water.  You can utilize a spore syringe to cultivate regardless of your mushroom strain of choice-be it oyster mushrooms, medicinal strains, or magic mushrooms.  Spores either drop, or are ejected from the bottom of the mushroom cap. The miniscule size of spores allows them to get caught in, and carried along, gentle air currents. When most spores hit the ground, they fall on infertile ground: rocks, leaves of grass, streams, etc.

Mushroom spore syringe

Mushroom spore syringes contains hundred of thousands of spores. Each syringe contains 20 ml of spore solution, which is enough to inject 6-7 liters of substrate. Mushroom spore syringes are often stored in a cool,dark and dry environment. Mushroom spore syringe is a new product which is gaining popularity throughout the globe particularly in the united states of America. This strain is increasingly becoming popular and loved by many.  oyster mushroom spore syringe

spore syringes can last for up to 6 months if stored in a good condition.


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